We meet many wonderful brides and their families. It is such a joy to see the happiness and emotion in a bride’s face when she finds her dress. We are thankful every day that we can be part of such an important event and share the excitement with the bride and her family. We often receive cards and notes from brides. They usually make our day... Eva

"Love Love LOVE Petrov Bridal! I got both my dress and my bridesmaid dresses at Petrov’s. They have an awesome unique selection of bridal gowns that are of good quality. They have a wide price range available, so no matter what your budget is, you should be able to find your dream dress! Absolutely loved dealing with all of the sales consultants. They are all very friendly, professional, and helpful. Eva, the owner, is truly wonderful and I recommend Petrov’s to every newly engaged couple I meet" - Alysha